Tommorrow is wonderful …

“What day is it today?” I asked Uncle Brian as we rode to the Grand Palace, and he answered , “Where? Here or back home?”
“Back home,” I said, and he said, “Wednesday.”
“Are you sure?” a student interjected. “I thought it was Tuesday.”
“Nope,” said Brian, his Dutch accent gaining strength as he became more emphatic. “And here it’s Thursday.”
“It is?” she asked.
“Yes,” he answered gave a succint explanation of what happens when you cross the International Date Line. “Actually it’s Thursday for them too, but they’re still in bed.”
‘We lost a day,’ I thought, “and the Calvin-Hope game happened …’


2 comments so far

  1. Phil de Haan on

    The Calvin-Hope game happened and Calvin won. 🙂 Thanks, Myrna, for your essays from the Cambodia interim. They are wonderful to read.

  2. Ann DeRooy on

    I had to clarify the day for Len when he called too! Confusion reigns at his point! He had me doubting what day it was here!

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