Floating through town …

It would be a pretty weird thing if people made a point of rolling down the road where I live every day, snapping pictures of my home. That’s what we did yesterday. We climbed aboard a wooden boat with open sides and chugged through a Floating Village, a long neighborhood of shacks on stilts lining the waterway leading to Tonle Sap lake. The people who live here make their living by fishing and by selling things to the tourists. As we motored through, a long, skinny boat with an outboard motor slid alongside, and a little boy leaped through the window of our boat. He had a pail filled with cans of coke and other drinks, and he ran up the aisle trying to sell them, then leaped aboard his father’s boat and sped away. Other little boys paddled themselves in metal tubs that they could spin in the water; they begged for money. One girl leaped aboard our boat to display a python half her size. And one of our students remarked that she didn’t feel right taking pictures.


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  1. Ann DeRooy on

    They must feel like they live in a fishbowl! I wonder if the education and enlightenment “we” receive from experiencing these people who live so differently from us is worth the expense of their privacy. And yet, their economy is based on this indignity. Hmmm.

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