Bring on the kids …

Erin and friend whirling

Yesterday morning a group of our students waited at the Rainbow School, located at the headquarters of the New International Builders Community outside Siem Reap. They were watching the children arrive for kindergarten on  foot or on the backs of motorcycles. Our girls (all girls yesterday) were having a hard time holding themselves back, and when they got the word to enter the classroom, the scene went crazy. The kids ran at the girls. The girls ran at the kids, picked them up and started whirling them around and around. There was screaming and shouting and laughing. A little later, when the classroom had quieted down, the children were dancing to songs and yelling responses to the questions their teacher yelled at them. Suddenly the teacher, a native Cambodian, shouted a long string of Khmer that ended with the words “Hokey Pokey!”” And withing minutes the children were putting their right hips in and out, while the Calvin students Hokey Pokey’d enthusiastically behind them.  

Juwan Kim, the director of the NIBC, said that children in Cambodia typically attend school sporadically. The parents who send their children to the Rainbow School and the NIBC’s elementary and prep school don’t like it that their children are learning Bible stories. But they do recognize that the schools (whose staff is composed of Korean students from Handong Global University and Khmer teachers) educate their children well. And the children continue to come. The mission of the NIBC is to train the next generation of Khmer Christian leaders. Juwan Kim said the hope is that the next director of the NIBC will be Cambodian. 

 The group that didn’t teach yesterday painted at another NIBC Christian school. Then the groups flip-flopped. The group followed the same schedule today, and nobody seemed to get tired of the kids.


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  1. Diane on

    Yeah, a picture of Erin! Hi Erin!!! We are praying for you!

    Mrs. C.

  2. Diane Carlson on

    What happened to the comment I left previously???

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