Phnom Penh

The women were crowded 40 to a truck, and they rode standing up. They were garment factory workers who came from rural villages. They earn $55 a month, from which they must pay for food (a little rice and meat) transportation (the truck), and lodging: 20 of them crammed into an apartment. Many of them end up in nightclubs, which is a euphemism for brothels. “So many reasons why they go there,” said Navy Chann, who was with us, watching the trucks of standing women fly past the bus. The women moved to Phnom Penh, leaving their families behind, in hope of earning a little money. “Actually, they end up costing their families,” Navy said.


2 comments so far

  1. Ann DeRooy on

    Could the principles of GET 10 help these women? How can they be encouraged to be independent wage earners who can support families without resorting to brothels and other illegitimate “careers”?

  2. myrnaanderson on

    Perhaps GET 10 might eventually help these women. They need a few other things before then, I suspect. 🙂

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