Last week, he came hobbling down the driveway of the Rawlings Center toward the bus, a diminutive Korean man, smiling faintly and squinting into the sun. Suddenly, he bounded up the stairs of the bus and hollered, “HELLO! HELLO! WELCOME TO CAMBODIA!” The Calvin interim group had just met S.K. Lee.

A former engineer and patent lawyer for Motorola and the founder of Handong International Law School (HILS) in South Korea,  S.K. now considers himself a missionary to Cambodia, And since 2002, he’s had his finger in a lot of Cambodian pies. He accompanied the HILS students to Cambodia and helped out with GET 10 (the brainchild of Handong professor George Kim). Soon he will travel to Siem Reap with his group and visit the NIBC. He knows everybody.

A man of considerable warmth and charm, he is given to both godliness volubility. He is passionate and occasionally, unexpectedly, prophetic. S.K., who is 76, lives in Chicago with his wife Helen, the adopted Chinese daughter of missionary Wilhemina Kalsbeek (after whom Kalsbeek residence hall is named.) S.K. is many things, but he is never boring.


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