What we did …

We walked miles of dusty roads through villages and blocks of trash-strewn streets in Phnom Penh. We rode in buses. We rode in vans. We rode in tuuk-tuuks. We played with children in schools. We played with children in orphanages. We played with children in churches. We taught. We painted. We picked up trash. Some of us set up a computer lab. A few of us conquered a mighty root. We bartered in the markets and ate ice cream at the mall. We bought things we later thought were not good buys. We sang. We sang “In Christ Alone” in a couple of churches. We sang “Crocodile” while playing with the children. Some of us sang Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” quite a few times. Others of us listened. We met a lot of people. We checked our e-mail and Facebook accounts. We blogged. We ate pad thai and fried rice and sweet-and-sour something-or-other. Also snake, kangaroo and crocodile. Some liked the food. Some didn’t. We ate bread with peanut butter and Nutella many times for breakfast. This was a good thing. We slept–and sometimes didn’t sleep–in beds (sometimes three to a bed) and on floors and outdoors. And on the last day, we took a boat to a tropical island and snorkeled and swam.

I’ve often felt that Calvin’s students are  the college’s best ambassadors. We had 25 young people on this trip. They were friendly. They were funny (especially Brian DeKock: boy, is he funny!) They were curious and thoughtful and kind. They were open-minded and good-hearted. They sometimes didn’t wear enough sunblock, but they all valued one another and got along, well, swimmingly.

In the end, they were the best thing about going to Cambodia. Thanks to everyone who followed along …


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